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Sherisen International Inc

  Sherisen offers corporate training programs for those who need to 

  understand,  communicate and interact in the global workplace.


   All programs are customized:

      o for client needs and objectives

      o skill-based training.


   Cross-Cultural Training Programs*

    Global Awareness: Increasing Your Cultural Savvy


    Expatriate Training for Managers and Families: (Country Specific)

    Communicating Effectively in the Multicultural Workplace

     Cross-Cultural Business Programs:

          USA            Hungary      Mexico             Poland

          Brazil           India           Netherlands      Russia

          China           Italy            Singapore        Taiwan

          France         Japan          Switzerland      United Kingdom

     US/India: Managing Cultural and Communication Gaps


     Working Effectively Aross Cultures: Global Teams     


     Making the Most of your Short-Term Assignment 


 * Contact us for a description and course outline: 973-625-5916.